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Cozy teacups on: Pizza


just ate it for dinner. I love pizza. Its hot, its crunchy, its cheesy, its basically whatever you want it to be, and its delicious. Mozzarella, tomatoes, arugula, ham, porcini, eggplant, love it. That is my input for the day, pizza: just do it.
Stay cozy, teacups.
It’s been a craycray week. The cozy will be back to being cozy soon, pinky promise.


Cozy teacups on: Stress Remedies


When I someone is stressed, instead of being productive and efficiently tackling the pressing task at hand, I they usually crawl up in a ball with reruns of god-knows-what on television, a huge knot in the stomach and an intense desire to eat anything that resembles a potato chip, or a cookie, or a steak… or.. or.. okay or anything, alright! Well, I someone I know is having one of those moments right this very second, except instead of watching television I am blogging, I mean they are watching television.

So, in these dire moments, the best psychologist to consult is one that visits you in the very comfort of your own home, yes google, yes I mean you.

So, here is some of the advice that google has given to me a friend, and that since it was so thoughtfully passed on to me, well I am a fan of sharing the goods, so here goes:

1. STRESSED is really just DESSERTS spelled backwards, so get out of that ball and treat yourself to a big mo-fo’in carrot cake, ala mode, with sprinkles and cherries on top.

2. Stress hates things that smell good, so light those scented candles as if you were living in a house in which electricity did not exist and you were hosting a rager (but like a calm and non-stressful one with lots of aroma-therapeutic candles, of course).

3. Stress also hates dirt, so take a bath. BUT, what do you do if you are like me living in a city apartment that feels the need to only provide us stress-outed generation millennialz with a SHOWER STALL? HUH, GOOGLE? TELL ME, PLEASE: is there a home remedy to change a shower stall into a bathtub, with a small shelf for wine glass, book, and aforementioned scented candles?!? Yeh, I didn’t think so.

4. Stress likes to be fat, so go to the gym. This one is a bit problematic for myself, as I have so eloquently mentioned in my shpeal on “Things that I wish I liked, but really, really REALLY just don’t”. I really, like really, really REALLY really prefer the couch ball, and brownies…

5. Stress really hates… get this tea lovers… CHAMOMILE TEA! SO, what can we do?! Wrangle up all of our tea accoutrement and chamomile that stress with relaxing herbs until it is suffering MORE than it makes us suffer. Yes! Torture through TEA, after all, it’s what us cozy teacups know best. We have to defend our cozy no matter what the cost.

So, there ya have it folks. Beat stress, don’t let stress beat you!

Stay cozy, teacups.


Cozy Teacups is feeling: TOP SECRET


You know those nights, when you just turn on the television and your just so tired and out of it that you don’t really care what is on because your too lazy to go looking for something so you just watch whatever it is anyways?

Well, cozy teacups is having one of those nights. After a long and stressful day at work, these cozy teacups have arrived home and wanted needed a bit of disconnect and relax, so what is our go-to channel? Well, a free cable movie channel called Paramount. Paramount is like iTunes shuffle, but with movies. It is a 24-hour non-stop (almost) commercial-free free-for-all of the most random things you could even imagine.

So tonight, as I finally got to put myself in my nice personal crevice on the couch, a movie so ridiculous, so random, so craycray, so totally whacky came on that I didn’t even know where to look. In these instances, I sometimes ask myself: “Do you look at the screen and laugh at the insanity or do you go on and blog like a crazy to be able to share with the web-i-verse the awesomely badness that you are partaking in?”

Well, cozy teacups is doing a bit of a combo, what can I say, I like to multitask: so, I am here, crazily sharing the sheer awesome of what is on by hiding my eyes from the embarrassing scenes that make even the person with the least shame turn a slight shade of burnt apple.

Has the suspense made you start to mentally scream: but what movie could trigger such a rant of random, rad, nothingness?


If you haven’t guessed yet, well, YES, YES, YES, I am talking about the 1984 badly rad TOP SECRET.

… and one might feel compelled to ask: Can a movie possibly get more badly rad than Top Secret? The answer should be overwhelmingly – NO, NO you cannot Glen Coco!

I mean, there is Val Kilmer at his finest, there is rock and roll, there are French revolutionists, there is backwards talking, there is a character named “Chocolate Mousse”, I mean there is even an underwater fight scene that lasts for at least 10 minutes, yes, you saw that correctly, an underwater fight scene that lasts for at least 10 minutes, featuring Val Kilmer fighting in an underwater bar complete with an underwater bar-maid, among other things. Come on guys, what more can you even possibly ask for in just one single movie.

If you haven’t seen it already, don’t walk, run, RUN, I SAY, to your nearest cinema couch and find that ish on Netflix or a random movie channel and feel free, to sit back, relax, have a milkshake and feel able to 100%, no, no, 200% disconnect from the world by entering the crazy, zany, awesomely whacky world of Top Secret.

You will not regret it, in fact, you will probably want to thank me by electing me Queen Teacups of the World, or something like that, not that I have been thinking about it, at all, I SWEAR!

On that note, stay cozy, teacups and stop wasting even one more moment. You haven’t truly lived until you have had the Top Secret experience.


Monday Funday Awards: Always There and Always Cares


It has been quite some time since we had a Monday Funday awards, and since today is a rainy, drizzly, bleak and bleary Monday morning, I thought to myself: “Today is the day!” and so here we are.

First, let me properly introduce the name of today’s award which is called: Always There and Always Cares Award.

The winner of today’s award is always there, with the morning coffee, for a mid-morning coffee break, always willing to lend an ear after lunch or after dinner. When you are sad and looking for fulfillment, today’s winner is your go-to. When you have a deadline, and are putting off everything and the stress is steeping into your blood like water entering a sinking ship, today’s winner is there to calm your nerves.

Today’s winner, is selfless, always caring, always ready to listen to your latest gossip, heartache, dreams, failures, desires, repulsions. When you need a friend, today’s winner is there, to care no matter what, no questions asked.

If you have been anxiously trying to get this entire time, just WHO is today’s winner, well, you will be guessing for quite sometime because today, we are giving tribute not to a WHO but to a WHAT!

drum roll please:


Today’s Monday Funday award “Always There and Always Cares” goes to Big & Chunky Chips Ahoy.

What more do you need than melt in your mouth, always listening, never interrupting, day or night, with no agenda, no rush, no fuss, sweet, sweet sugary deliciousness to brighten your day?

I for one can’t think of anything else, except maybe a huge slice of Red Velvet cake, but it’s just not so easily available in the supermarket, so even though it may always care, it just isn’t always there!

So, hats off to you, Big & Chunky Chips Ahoy, for always being there and always showing you care. The world needs more of you, even though I know that my thighs don’t.


Stay cozy, teacups.




So, the last time I was prancing around here, on my virtual property, I was droning on and on and on about how I really really, like couldn’t live without, like the apocalypse was happening if it wasn’t in my hands, wanted Erno Laszlo’s Deep Sea Mud Soap. But, soap, one may ask, why not just buy yourself a bar of soap. Well, the simple answer there is that besides the fact that it is $40.00 soap, it is also super exclusive limited edition so that only people that are part of the super-secret insider club can get their paws on it. Maybe not, but its really pretty hard to find. So, what does the resourceful gal do? Look on amazon, and the resourceful girl finds, not the Erno Laszlo $40.00 Dead sea Mud soap, she finds a $4.00 substitute (click HERE for more info) which was bought immediately. However, since it is coming in from Israel, it won’t be cleaning my face until April. My cozy friends must wait for news on how mud from the Middle East will work wonders on my oily-combination facial skin.

$40.00 soap, cozy teacups wants it


Today, I want to talk about soap. But not just any soap. This soap:


This is Erno Laszlo Sea Mud soap. This is what $40.00 soap looks like. Basically, this soap is like the king . . .  queen . . . okay. . . okay. . . the royalty of the universe of soap and I want it. It’s made of mud and silt from the Dead Sea. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wash their face with mud? From what I have been reading, this soap basically turns any basin of water into the fountain of youth. I want to get my hands on this soap, but it is sold out everywhere. I didn’t realize that mud from the Dead Sea was limited edition.

How does one even discover (let alone want) a $40.00 soap? Well, this discovery was the fault of another caprice of mine. Yes, I am quite capricious (if one hasn’t already realized). I am a bona fide, no jokes, really cray cray serious, fashion magazine junky. I am a junky of basically any fashion magazine, whether it is in a language that I understand or not (this is my edition of Vogue Paris, February 2013). It’s so pretty, it totally makes up for the fact that I am not francophone.


These magazines are super capricious because, they make you want things you really, really, truly can’t afford, kind of like $40.00 soap or, I don’t know, $15,000 leather jackets and couture, lots and lots and lots of costs more than I will make in my entire professional career couture and soap. Did I mentioned I really want that soap?

Any-who, today is Valentine’s Day, the day of love, a day for lovers and unfortunately, I am all alone. But, fortunately, I have a love who is so so thoughtful and so so sweet and even though he is away on business and I have felt compelled to have sandwiches for dinner every night (just like this one):


(oh man, I do love turkey clubs) – he has left me some surprises around the house that this little lady didn’t know about (even after all of the rigorous cleaning that I do every day 😛 ). Now, what could the amore of Miss Cozy Teacups give Miss Cozy Teacups for Valentine’s Day??

Well, the answer is simple my friends:



and . . . . .



. . . . .  some very very very COZY and RELAX tea to make in my new and VERY VERY VERY COZY teapot!

Now, my cozy teacups have their very own and very cozy teapot. What a little lucky, cozy lady I am! Kiss Kiss Kiss to my cozy beer mug (he knows who he is). Thank-you for making my Valentine’s Day not only full of love but cozy too, just how I like it.

Now, back to the sandwiches, as I said, I really love sandwiches. Also, as I said, I am alone on Valentine’s Day. But not just today, my cozy cupid is away on business, so I have been alone for a week. Now, I am a big, big fan of eating dinner with others. Dinner is a time to share your day, share your food and share your life with others. So, I like to eat dinners that I can share with my ragazzo. However, my ragazzo does not like eating sandwiches for dinner.

As I am quite impartial and prefer to eat dinners with others, I typically do not have sandwiches for dinner; but since I am flying sola this week, I have decided to eat lots and lots of sandwiches for dinner. But not only dinner, a few days ago I went for lunch with a cozy friend of mine to a . . . wait, get this . . . Sandwich shop!!! Yes, there is an American Sandwich shop in Barcelona called: Bread and Circuses (find more info HERE) and it is absolutely fantastic! They serve fantastic Roast Beef, awesome chicken and simply delectable desserts (I am talking about bread pudding over here, eh!). Anyway, if you ever happen to be on the eastern seaboard of the Iberian peninsula, I highly, highly, highly recommend giving this super cute and super cozy “sandwicheria” a try.

Well, my cozy coasters, I have had quite the stream-of-conscious rant this evening, but lots of things cozy and such, flowing my deep, dark mental river. Now, it’s time to get nice and cozy, sit back, relax and, I don’t know put on a nice documentary and whet my lips with some nice cozy vino tinto:


Stay cozy, teacups.


Summer day/night dreaming



Right now in the dead cold and winter of February, laying in bed, I am day (night?) dreaming of summer vacation and leisurely lunches with ice cold chardonnay and breath-taking views. Last summer, I went to the island of Ithaca in Greece. This is a photo that I took from one of those long leisurely lunches with ice cold chardonnay and break-taking views that I was mentioning… ahhh August. It is the month that truly defines the lazy days of summer, when time stands still, heat is the norm, summer dresses and flipflops, iced tea and watermelon. But, here we are in February, the month of steamy soup, toasty blankets and lots and lots of cozy tea cups, just taking things day by day, fueling up with these warm memories of hot summer days and nights past and with the thoughts of those that are just around the corner.