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Cozy teacups on: recent happenings.


Well this week was quite eventful, thusly so, I was not able to share my insights here. To give a brief overview:

Monday: I arrived home from work to have no electricity (and therefore no Internet, no food, no heat, no anything, for what ended up being more than 24 hours.

Tuesday: Perhaps it was the extreme cold that enveloped my house caused by the happenings on Monday, but I ended up getting some sort of stomach flu virus issue that (almost) inhibited me from participating in society as a normal person.

Wednesday: Idem

Thursday: I watched the second half of the second season of HBO’s GIRLS and was a bit unconvinced. I am a new-comer to the show and I am not positive if I understand all of the hype. As a person that may or may not fit into the demographic of people that I am assuming this show is aimed for, I can for one say that I find it extremely difficult to identify with any of the characters. For one, I do not feel that chronic irresponsibility, lack of competence to complete even the most mundane of tasks and an inability to be able to depend on oneself, either financially or emotionally, is representative of any voice of the generation of mid-20-somethings. In fact, I find it kind of offensive. Yes, we may be a coddled generation that “came-of-age” during the modern days’ most dire financial crisis, but if anything, I think that this made most people wake-up and become that much more motivated, driven and focused to not become a statistic of Wall Street’s stupidity, but well, those are just my 2-cents of the day. I know that it is completely my decision to tune-in to anything, and if I didn’t like or agree with the show that I could have just stopped watching it, but as I mentioned, I guess I am a band-wagon jumper and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Will I tune into Season 3? Probably. But, just because unlike the characters on that show, I am not a quitter, and when I start something, you can bet your ass that I Will Finish It.

Friday: My man came back from his week-long business trip (yes, I suffered through Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and their aforementioned (unfortunate) happenings alone) and we went for our Friday Night Pizza (yes, I capitalize because yes, it is a Thing and therefore, yes, it is complete acceptable to treat it as a Proper Noun) where I ordered the same thing I order every single time I go out for pizza. The Pizza Parmesana, which I may add, is pretty much the closest thing to a slice of heaven on earth. Delicious slices of grilled eggplant, fresh mozzarella cheese, oregano, basil and crumbles of freshly crumbled Parmesan cheese. Perfection.


Now, it is fully the weekend, and I am fully in cozy mood after my sub-par week. I hope you will now understand my absence of presence, which I think I have justified to the fullest extent possible.

Next week, I will be in travel. To where? Well, stop back by cozy teacups nation for updates and clues of where these teacups will be cozying up.



Cozy teacups on: Cozy days and future excursions


So, here I am, once again, blogging from the bed (is that a thing? Well, if it is I suppose it is better than blogging from the bathroom, if ya know what I am saying).

No matter where this was written, this morning has thus far been a cloudy morning.  I just finished organizing a weekend excursion (more info below) and now I am taking advantage of being leisurely and quiet, relaxing at noon, feeling oh so comfy cozy in the bed, still in pajamas, looking outside at the impending rain. These magical, majestical, mystical moments filled me with such cozy contentment, I thought I had to share it immediately with my fellow cozy teacups, I mean after all, who else truly enjoys the art form of being cozy.

It also got me excited and morning dreaming of my upcoming trip. Can you guess to where it is? Here are some visuals to assist.



Have you figured it out yet?

Well, if you have, good for you, if you haven’t, I will leave google search to answer the question. Either way, it is a long-awaited excursion that the cozy teacups has wanted to go on for some time. After all what is more thrilling and romantic than exploring a never-visited place with your cozy love? The correct answer is not much, not much at all, unless you are also considering a proposal on the top of the Empire State Building a la Sleepless in Seattle, and even so, Sam Baldwin was from Seattle not New York City, so his rendezvous was anyways basically a thrilling, romantic excursion to a new and exotic place, bringing us back to verify our answer to the original question. No, there is nothing more thrilling and romantic than an excursion to a new (exotic) place.

Stay cozy, teacups.

Enjoy the weekend.


Gary Snyder and the Cozyteacups anthem.


Maybe I am a little behind the times, I am, after all,  the first to admit that I can get very lost among the folds and  waves of my mind, floating and floating until I don’t know where I am or who I was anymore, but I just discovered this poem by Gary Snyder (can’t find the date, anyone can help me out with a time stamp?) that I am declaring the anthem of cozyteacups nation. What better literary representative of all that cozyteacups stands for than this poem?

There Are Those Who Love To Get Dirty

There are those who love to get dirty
and fix things.
They drink coffee at dawn,
beer after work,

And those who stay clean,
just appreciate things,
At breakfast they have milk
and juice at night.

There are those who do both,
they drink tea.

-Gary Snyder


Now reread and dunk that in your teapot.

Stay cozy, teacups.


Happy Springy Sunday! <3 cozy teacups


Good morning my cozy people. Today, I have a special treat. A Sunday morning entry from the cozy bed of the teacups, herself. It is a gorgeous day outside today, think temperatures of 65 degrees F (or if you prefer Celsius, 18 degrees).  It is just one of those mornings when you can breathe in the flowery light sun dresses of spring time (or in my case right now, lighter pajamas) and breathe out a sigh of relief that it is almost time to put away the big thick winter boots (almost). The people of the community garden outside my door are hustling and bustling, getting their crops prepared for all of this Vitamin D.


In the meantime, I am here getting spoiled with some breakfast in bed (yes, you read correctly, breakfast in bed on a regular normal non-holiday morning, I do have to admit that I do get spoiled every now and then by a special someone) and enjoying the bright lights of the natural sun seeping into my window, warming my soul like a good cuppa’ chamomile.


Stay cozy, teacups.

Happy Sunday to you all.Toodlez.

Cozy teacups on: Epilators


As my loyal readers may (or may not know, depends on how loyal you are 😛 ), I am a native North American livin’ and breathin’ in the Old Land, on the other side of the pond. Being a transplant you really must embrace the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em mentality”, in regards to food, culture, pretty much everything.  More or less, each and every day you live new experiences and come across some very new and very  different ways of doing things that may have previously seemed incredible but you end up accepting them a priori to justify the “I live in a different country” mantra, like buying non-refrigerated eggs and milk, for an example.

I happened to find my favorite North American/European difference in their hair removal methods. More specifically, the wonderful invention and overwhelming acceptance, availability and use of epilators. To those across the Atlantic that may not know what an epilator is, imagine like 100 tweezers that rotate electronically on an axle picking out each hair on your leg by its follicle as you move it up and down, as if you were shaving, though the results show you that you are really really not! Well, that is an epilator:


No, this is not an electric razor, this is an epilator and it removes each and every hair from its follicle to leave you silky smooth for up to 2 months. YES! You have read correctly, for up to 2 months!

Basically, in my experience out and about in Europe, razors are the last choice for any type of hair removal, way behind the use of Nair, way way behind the use of professional waxing (which, by the way, is much more reasonably priced in Europe – think like $10.oo per leg!!!) and so so so far behind the use of epilators that their relevance disappears into thin air. In my experience in North America, Nair is something that maybe sort of existed in some movies from the 80s (I think…?, conformation from the virtual world?), then there is waxing (for those of you with thick pockets) and then, in the number one spot, there are razors! Epilators, which can remove hair for months at a time, don’t even seem to enter into the lexicon of North American hair removal even though razors only remove hair for a maximum of what, 2 hours? Why is that? To me, it is one of the top 5 mysteries of the world, behind the Lochness Monster, UFOs, Big Foot and what exactly Adrienne Bailon was thinking when she decided to basically go on the red carpet in the nude, covered up with a pillow case.

Ladies, do yourself a favor and invest in an Epilator (trust me, you will never have your legs as hairless as a baby’s bottom or whatever else is very smooth and sweet and touch-worthy).

I personally use this one (and forgive the photo, I never claimed to be a photographer and the iPad camera is just sooo convenient):


I picked up this one in a European type Target called Carrefour for around the equivalent of $50.00. Some of the best $50.00 ever spent, let me tell you. This model is powered by a cord, which is a life-saver because me, myself and I with needing to find actual, available live batteries is a very very improbable combination. But, a battery-operated version , for those more responsible than myself, is not only available but also cheaper.

Now, to put the final nail in the I am trying to not only convince you but also convert you and change the world at the same time by hair removed by hair removed at a time coffin, a haiku:

Ladies, please do your-

selves a favor and use an

epilator. Ciao.

Stay cozy, teacups.


Cozy teacups on: Gaseous Water


I am here to talk about gaseous water, yes you know, that carbonated water beverage that sits in the fridge next to things like regular water as if it were the awkward wallflower at the school dance waiting anxiously  for someone to pick it up but it doesn’t happen. Well,  I then I guess in this situation I would be the moral heroine of the story, giving the wallflower water their first real dance, and possibly kiss at the end of the night because I don’t care that all the cool kids prefer flavored or STILL water. Nono, I take risks and enjoy the bubbly plainness in life, so don’t you worry gaseous water, honey. Mama is on her way and she is looking for a little carbonation.

I suppose in real English it wouldn’t be called gaseous water, it would be called something a bit more fancy and delicate (and not related to “gas”, ew!) such as “Sparkling Water” or the more scientific “Carbonated Water”. But, me, myself and I, an American living in a non-English speaking country, am much more fond of the variety of terms used to name this refreshing, hydrating and bubbly liquid. The Italians liked to call it: “acqua frizzante” or “gassata”. The Spanish choose to use: “agua con gas” or “gaseosa”. The French and the Germans say: “eau gazeuse” and “sprudelwasser”, respectively. For me, I like to use a mix of my adopted romance language and my native germanic language to address my favorite beverage: “gaseous water” and there is no dictionary or online forum language reference that can make me change my ways. It is my own form of internationally understood esperanto, but in English.

Well, anyways, gaseous water is my number 1 numero uno beverage of choice when I am eating either lunch or dinner. It is just a magical digestive potion, that moves and churns wildly down the esophagus into the stomach, like a mushroom cloud of metabolism, further decomposing recently eaten food morsels and cleaning up shop while its at it. There is no substitute for some good carbonic acid to help push things down.
So, yay to you, Gaseous Water!!! Keep on keepin’ on!

Gwater1 Gwater2 Gwater3Stay cozy, teacups.