Cozy teacups on: Cozy days and future excursions


So, here I am, once again, blogging from the bed (is that a thing? Well, if it is I suppose it is better than blogging from the bathroom, if ya know what I am saying).

No matter where this was written, this morning has thus far been a cloudy morning.  I just finished organizing a weekend excursion (more info below) and now I am taking advantage of being leisurely and quiet, relaxing at noon, feeling oh so comfy cozy in the bed, still in pajamas, looking outside at the impending rain. These magical, majestical, mystical moments filled me with such cozy contentment, I thought I had to share it immediately with my fellow cozy teacups, I mean after all, who else truly enjoys the art form of being cozy.

It also got me excited and morning dreaming of my upcoming trip. Can you guess to where it is? Here are some visuals to assist.



Have you figured it out yet?

Well, if you have, good for you, if you haven’t, I will leave google search to answer the question. Either way, it is a long-awaited excursion that the cozy teacups has wanted to go on for some time. After all what is more thrilling and romantic than exploring a never-visited place with your cozy love? The correct answer is not much, not much at all, unless you are also considering a proposal on the top of the Empire State Building a la Sleepless in Seattle, and even so, Sam Baldwin was from Seattle not New York City, so his rendezvous was anyways basically a thrilling, romantic excursion to a new and exotic place, bringing us back to verify our answer to the original question. No, there is nothing more thrilling and romantic than an excursion to a new (exotic) place.

Stay cozy, teacups.

Enjoy the weekend.



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