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Cozy teacups reviews 2 Kiehl’s products


Approximately two weeks ago,  I bought two products from Kiehl’s in my local El Corte Inglés. Well, to be honest, I was at the point of buying approximately ten products from Kiehl’s until I pinched myself and decided to “wait until next time” for the eight remaining products.

The “problem” with Kiehl’s shops is that the skin consultants there are fantastic. They sit down with you and give you a skin analysis, that highlights your strong and weak skin points which they use to develop an entire skin regimen tailored to the exit oil level that your pores require as well as a cup of water, glorious! Well, since my skin is pretty “so-so”, if you know what I mean, the skin consultants suggested me ten different products to lather on my face in the day and in the night.

Well for the past two weeks, I have been using, according to their directions, the two different products that I selected because I thought they would be most critical in solving both my short and long term skin problems. The first being uneven and oily skin tone and the second being big pores and some blackheads that just don’t want to go away.

After all this build-up, what are the two products that I purchased one may wonder.  Well, the two products being Kiehl’s BB Cream in Medium and Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion.

I have just three words that perfectly sum up my short two weeks using these products: I LOVE THEM.

These products in just two weeks have already started to make my skin seem brighter and more even. The epidermal re-texturizing microdermabrasion contain micro-shells within its cream and when you rub it on your skin you can feel the blemishes be scraped away. This product combined with the BB cream afterwards, moisturizes and brightens your face while protecting it with 50 SPF. This combination truly is fanstastic. My skin is truly clearing up and feels fresher and smoother than it has in years and years and years. It is like a spa facial, except better, because you are already at home and cozy cutie in your personal slippers and robe.

What more could a gal want in her facial care regimen, well besides $40.00 soap of course!

Keihl’s gives a 28-day full refund guarantee for their product. If you are not completely happy after 28-days of use, you can bring it back and they will return you what you paid for it. I would like to know how many people actually used that option because their products really are what they advertise which is a welcome surprise from the campaigns of so many skin care companies (I am looking at you Neutrogena).

The only thing that one might complain about with product is the price. Here, in Spain I paid 29 euros for the BB Cream and  49 Euros for the micro-dermabrasion lotion. But, if you put in the context of care for your facial skin and compare it against the prices of a spa facial, it is WELL worth every cent paid. I am a working girl and these prices are luxury purchase prices for me, but it is truly truly worth it. You’re facial skin (and your wallet) will be thanking you for years and years to come.


Stay cozy, teacups.



Cozy teacups went to Prague


Just got back from Prague and let me tell you . . . it was fantastic. First and foremost, we were extremely lucky with the weather. All week long, we were obsessively looking at with optimism, just to be met with never-ending rain weather-icons ominously predicting rain until who knows when, which is quite problematic to the weekend traveller. So, it was a pleasant surprise that the weather that greeted us in Prague was absolutely gorgeous and summer-like (yes, I said summer-like, not spring-like because it was indeed that wonderful) which was a surprising and welcome change from the recent horrible winter-like weather that Barcelona was and still is experiencing.

Let me organize myself:

Day 1: we arrived to where we were actually staying in Prague around 9:30 at night, which seemed a relatively acceptable hour to us to grab our keys (we had our first airbnb experience), drop off our bags and look for a nice, cutie, cozy romantic place to have our first dinner. Well, the plan was good in theory but in execution had its flaws, as we sometimes forget that not all countries operate on the late-night dinner rituals that anyone who has found themselves upon the Iberian Peninsula is accustomed too. That being said, it was around 10PM when we were finally able to venture out into the wilds of Prague, which is just about the hour when the kitchens all close, every. single. one. of. them. So, in a bit of a mad dash, we finally found a place, where the waiters were already cleaning up BUT with a kitchen open until 11PM, in a hotel not so far from our accommodations.  The restaurant was in fact The Imperial Cafe on Na Porici. It had a beautifully decorated Art-Deco Baroque interior, the menu was definitely designed from the international tourist that wants a taste of the Czech cuisine, however overall it was a bit so-so. It wasn’t necessarily the quality of the food that was meh, it was just that we didn’t leave there thinking it was the best meal of our lives. Though, if you are hungry after 10 and want to sit down for a meal, I would definitely recommend it. There is no other option.

After dinner, we wandered around the Old Square awhile and then headed back since we wanted to take as much advantage of the next day as possible.

Day 2: We woke up pretty early and wanted to take a shower before we headed out for the day. This is point at which I am not 100% convinced with airbnb. Now, we did choose to rent a bedroom in an apartment instead of an entire apartment just for ourselves. This was because of our innocent hopes and dreams that our host would become our new Czech best friend and prance us all over the city as if we were his kinfolk. Though our host was extremely friendly and pleasant, he was more than anything, our host, whom we paid to use a bedroom in his house. Nothing more, nothing less. However, our host rented two bedrooms. Thus, it was not a pleasant surprise to wake up and have to wait to take a shower when you just want to start your day. That being said, we were able to get out of the house by 10:30, which between me and him is no easy feat, and this was included the waits for the bathroom. We paid approximately 30 euros a night for our room, next time, I do think it is worth it to shell out a bit more and have, at least, bathroom privacy, we all know that I am a bit freaky when it comes to public-bathrooms.

The morning started out a bit grey, but we didn’t think anything of it, walking directly to the Vltava River and hopped on the first boat for a river tour, which was a great way to start our sightseeing with views like this:


So basically, it was fantastic. As the tour was around lunchtime, we were even able to grab some beers and sandwiches on board, to enjoy while enjoying the sights.

After the tour, we wandered around a bit more in the Old Town. We saw that near the Square, there were some stand with very very very long lines and smoky meat being roasted as we spoke. Of course, we got on line too, after all, who am I to deny hunks of slow roasted pork with potatoes? The result, a huge chunk of Prosciutto di Prague with Potatoes with cabbage and bacon, and of course a 1-liter beer to wash it all down. A meal doesn’t seem to be a Meal in Prague without an ice-cold Pilsner Urquell. As we were waiting for our second tour of the day to start, we ordered this “small snack” and ate it at a bar stool, while standing, just like the locals. One word of caution, in the more touristy neighborhoods, like the centric Old Square, I did have the sensation that these types of ventures do try to take advantage of the language/money barrier. For example, at the stand where we bought the Prosciutto di Prague and Potatoes, the prices that are advertised, seem very cheap, but they are the prices per 100g (which is not clear at all). So, in the end, your “cheap lunch snack” costs more than what you would pay in a restaurant as the “chefs” of the stands seemed to have very very very heavy hands and tend to lean toward very very very generous portions, if you catch my drift.

Later on that afternoon, we decided to go on a walking tour which was also fantastic. In the main square of the Old Town, it is quite easy to get bombarded with an over abundance of tour options. We decided to go on the walking Castle tour of Sandemann’s New Europe. It was advertised as a 3-hour tour, though our tour guide was extremely enthusiastic and kept us walking and talking for at least 5 hours, so it was definitely worth the corunas that we had paid (more or less $10.00 pp). On the tour we walked through the extensive grounds of the Prague Castle, which are enormous, as well as walked over the Charles Bridge, which is so ripe with history and anecdotes you could spend years listening to all of the stories and tales that this area is rife with.

For dinner, we decided to go to a Vietnamese restaurant that our airbnb host recommended to us. So, we wanted to be out of the house and in the restaurant by 9PM, to not have any “kitchen-closed”-esque problems, which we were able to easily do, though we were tired from our long day of touring. However, what was unexpected was that the Vietnamese restaurant was closed anyways, due to a private engagement. At this point, we were pushing 9:15 and had less than 45 minutes to find a cute, cozy, delicious, wonderful restaurant where we would have the best dinner of our lives. Easy peazy, except it was not.

Prague is a very wonderful city, though it is an extremely touristic city. So, as tourists, we were staying more or less in the center of all of the action, which is wonderful for site-seeing, but maybe not the best for culinary options as most restaurants seemed tailored for the over-paying, under-discerning tourist – and we are a very very very picky couple when it comes to food and moreso with our overall restaurant experience. We love to eat well and a lot. We enjoy food and a restaurant that also reflects that in its decor. Now, I don’t want to be mistaken that I want to eat a fancy, posh-type restaurants. In fact, the opposite. To me, the perfection is a good home-cooked  meal in a restaurant that could double for a kitchen in a cozy country cottage. To our surprise, at around 10 minutes to 10PM, we found something close to these requirements in Alla Stella Nera, near the Charles Bridge. I would classify this restaurant as Italo-Czech cuisine, which though was not the best in the world, BUT the ambiance certainly made up for it. Light jazz music floating in the background, sweet, lovely decorations like you had woke up in a different century.

The night ended with a delicious beer-tasting at the Museum of Beer on Dhloua Street, where there are over 30 beers on tap. A fantastic end to a fantastic day and night.

Day 3: We woke up to the shower situation, again, but today it was not as pressing of a matter as we were leaving in the evening and had to pack up our bags anyway. When we got out of the house, we went again, right to the river, and had a lovely breakfast overlooking the castle. Afterwards, we decided to take a walk to the top of the Old Tower in the Square. The views were magnificent and you had a bird’s eye view of the entire city which is truly precious. We then had lunch at a Bistrot where you can see the chef grilling the meat that you just ordered right in front our your eyes. I can’t remember the name of the place, but it was tucked away in a small corner and every single person that walked by stopped in.

The day ended with me getting a Thai massage (painful but luxurious) in a “typical Thai massage house” and then we stopped to have a cold drink taking in the last of the views before we had to pick up our bags and head back to the airport.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip to a marvelous city. We were only there for one weekend, Friday night to Sunday night, and though nothing felt rushed, I wish we could have stayed longer just to laze around the cozy winding streets, with a hot spicy wine and visions of the alchemy, astrology and mystery of the olden-days floating through my mind.

Cozy teacups on Sunday mornings, procrastination and 1001 Arabian Nights


Happy Sunday to all and Happy Mother’s Day to all the woman out there who have contributed to the nostalgic feeling of coziness every time a son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter, godson, goddaughter, etc. etc. etc. is snuggling up on the couch with a giant mug of marshmallow overflowing hot-chocolate. We all know that it is because of our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends, etc. we know what it means to be truly loved and cozy and I just want to give thanks and celebrate all these fantastic woman who have so tenderly touched all of our lives. Enjoy your day, you all deserve it!

On another note, today, I am up and at it early (by early we mean 11:30), working (re: nothing went right for me at work all week, so this week I must sacrifice the day of rest to try to garner something (anything) out of what I started i.e. Monday morning presentations are the worst). Of course, whenever I have to actually sit and do something, I am overcome by a serious plague of procrastination and always think of about 1001 other things that I should be doing, i.e. updating my blog, put in a load of laundry, take a shower, anything I can think of that I just need to do is fair game.

That in mind, this weekend the man and I are finally jetting off on our excursion to Prague. We are very excited, as it is a place that neither of us have yet visited. Of course, a complete recap will be available here, when who knows (probably I will feel the need to update it when I have a super huge deadline within 12 hours, but it will appear, cross my fingers).

For some reason, Prague looks to me like the capital of cozy. Lots of pubs will ruggedly worn in sofas artfully placed right near a roaring fireplace, all of the medieval cathedrals, architecture and bridges, it may be the wrong epoque (and setting) but it all seems to give off a Wuthering Heights type vibes, where Catherine discovers herself with a passionate need to reunite herself with Heathcliff, on the Charles Bridge in the center of the city. I know I am mixing up approximately 1001 things, but, Hey, what goes on in my head has no boundaries.

Oh yeah, there is another long-weekend excursion being planned. This time to Marrakech, in June, yeah, to North Africa we go. This excursion was booked on a whim, but a very excited whim that had thoughts of 1001 Arabian Nights dancing like sugarplums in her head. (Are we noticing a pattern with the use of the number 1001? Does it have something to do with the horses? Should I go look it up instead of finishing my work? Am I still procrastinating?)

Stay cozy, teacups.


Nostalgic or philosophical rantings, I can’t decide, can you?


So, I have been working listening to music on (well actually, I am listening through my app on the iPhone, but if you don’t have a phone that is very smart, have no fear, if you have headphones/plugs, you are as good as golden). Anyhow, stereomood is one of the most awesome inventions to come to internet, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you best get on that. Basically, it is a service to listen to web-streamed music. But, it isn’t just any web-streamed music, they are specially made, crowd-sourced playlists composed of songs that correspond to a particular mood, yes you heard me correctly, entire play lists that give off calm music vibes, when you are feeling calm, angry music vibes when you are feeling angry, coffee-break vibes when you are feeling, well, coffee-break, you get the point…

Maybe it is the rain today… maybe it is just me, in general, maybe it is my stereomood play list (I have cozy on currently). I really don’t know, but whatever it is, it is making me feel extremely nostalgic. I have been having a bit of a difficult week at work, you know, when things just don’t seem to ever work the way you want them to – no matter how many times you pull everything apart and try to put it all back together, and now I am sitting here on an early Friday evening, trying to refocus but I keep day-dreaming. As I mentioned, maybe it is the song that I am listening too, (Horses by Olds Sleeper & Scott Bookman) but I keep finding myself in a day dream. It is a very particular day dream, and it is so vivid it feels real while I still at my desk typing.

I am on a very plush field, with very rustic fences all around. The colors I feel are beige and soft lilac mixed with the green, green grass of the field. It smells like morning dew and sweet breeze, it is sunny and peaceful, there are birds chirping and the leaves in the trees and the grass on the ground are swaying lazily. All of a sudden, I feel the soft main of a galloping horse whoosh past my face and it lightly tickles my cheek. The sun is shining and lightly warming my skin, I feel a sensation of happiness that I am missing right now.

Could this be a preview of my cozy destination? Should I take up equestrian lessons? How do I interpret this glimpse into my self-conscious during a moment of pure and utter stress? All I know is that day-dreaming is such a beautiful capability of our minds, imagine if we lived in a world as Lois Lowry wrote about in “The Giver”, without the possibility to imagine or dream about different sensations in our subconscious that we can feel but maybe have never experienced. Maybe I confused philosophy with nostalgia, either way, I just want to be cozy, stress free and most of all, happy, and I hope that one day I can reach that goal.

Stay cozy, teacups.


Cozy teacups on the 30-day squat challenge.


Some friends of mine turned me on to this 30-day squat challenge, so I have started. However, I am already 2-days in and my bum muscles are already feeling the burn. I have only made it up to 55 squats, so at this point it is a bit difficult to imagine what it will be like on day 30 when I have to squat it up 240 times. But maybe at that point, I will already have buns of steal, rockin’ hard and tight, and will be laughing thinking: “bring it on b****” .

So, what do you think cozy teacups nations? Are any of you up to the challenge?