Cozy teacups on Sunday mornings, procrastination and 1001 Arabian Nights


Happy Sunday to all and Happy Mother’s Day to all the woman out there who have contributed to the nostalgic feeling of coziness every time a son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter, godson, goddaughter, etc. etc. etc. is snuggling up on the couch with a giant mug of marshmallow overflowing hot-chocolate. We all know that it is because of our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends, etc. we know what it means to be truly loved and cozy and I just want to give thanks and celebrate all these fantastic woman who have so tenderly touched all of our lives. Enjoy your day, you all deserve it!

On another note, today, I am up and at it early (by early we mean 11:30), working (re: nothing went right for me at work all week, so this week I must sacrifice the day of rest to try to garner something (anything) out of what I started i.e. Monday morning presentations are the worst). Of course, whenever I have to actually sit and do something, I am overcome by a serious plague of procrastination and always think of about 1001 other things that I should be doing, i.e. updating my blog, put in a load of laundry, take a shower, anything I can think of that I just need to do is fair game.

That in mind, this weekend the man and I are finally jetting off on our excursion to Prague. We are very excited, as it is a place that neither of us have yet visited. Of course, a complete recap will be available here, when who knows (probably I will feel the need to update it when I have a super huge deadline within 12 hours, but it will appear, cross my fingers).

For some reason, Prague looks to me like the capital of cozy. Lots of pubs will ruggedly worn in sofas artfully placed right near a roaring fireplace, all of the medieval cathedrals, architecture and bridges, it may be the wrong epoque (and setting) but it all seems to give off a Wuthering Heights type vibes, where Catherine discovers herself with a passionate need to reunite herself with Heathcliff, on the Charles Bridge in the center of the city. I know I am mixing up approximately 1001 things, but, Hey, what goes on in my head has no boundaries.

Oh yeah, there is another long-weekend excursion being planned. This time to Marrakech, in June, yeah, to North Africa we go. This excursion was booked on a whim, but a very excited whim that had thoughts of 1001 Arabian Nights dancing like sugarplums in her head. (Are we noticing a pattern with the use of the number 1001? Does it have something to do with the horses? Should I go look it up instead of finishing my work? Am I still procrastinating?)

Stay cozy, teacups.



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