Cozy teacups on the 30-day squat challenge.


Some friends of mine turned me on to this 30-day squat challenge, so I have started. However, I am already 2-days in and my bum muscles are already feeling the burn. I have only made it up to 55 squats, so at this point it is a bit difficult to imagine what it will be like on day 30 when I have to squat it up 240 times. But maybe at that point, I will already have buns of steal, rockin’ hard and tight, and will be laughing thinking: “bring it on b****” .

So, what do you think cozy teacups nations? Are any of you up to the challenge?



Rainy days and cozy moments


It is a rainy day. The type of rainy that doesn’t let you leave the house. The type of rainy that makes you feel bad to even order food home because you don’t want the delivery guy to get wet just so you could stay dry. So, what is the cozy teacups doing today? A 30 Rock marathon that has been occurring for the past 48 hours. Yes, a non-stop continuous 30 Rock marathon with breaks only to eat homemade, delicious, slow slow slow cooked comfort food. It was a great treat as this weekend was not only extremely wet but frigid almost December-like cold which is quite atypical spring weather on this side of the Mediterranean. Friday night started out with Eggplant, Zucchini Parmesan, yes, the zucchini adds a delicious and surprising touch. Saturday brought us sausage and peppers, mixed with a slight touch of red wine while Sunday, today, the coldest of all the days provided homemade beef stew and polenta, scrumptious. This food pornography all occurred with seasons 4 and 5 of 30 Rock in the background and now, as Sunday is coming to a close, we are finishing this weekend with a hot pot of freshly brewed tea and some chocolate chip biscuits – perfection. Now, if only I could take a bubble bath (if only I had a bath tub…).

Stay cozy teacups,


Cozy teacups on: crystal deodorant


Yes, you have heard correctly; crystal deodorant. Some of you might think that I am a bit posh with my beauty products, I mean I was the one who wanted to buy $40.00 soap; but, you must also keep in mind that I was the one who found quite a nice substitute for less than $5.00. So, don’t get too nervous when I mention crystal deodorant, in fact, I found it in the beauty product aisle of my local supermarket for less than $5.00.

So, yes, Crystal deodorant, to be honest,  I was a bit skeptical a bit at first, I mean what is it even? How can a crystalline rock take away the aroma that marinates under my armpits mixing itself with stress and sweat day in and day out, week upon week, for months on end, well I am sure you get the idea, in one word: always. Well, according to Crystal Stick Body Deodorants: crystal deodorants  are “made of 100% natural mineral salts, which are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, non-sticky, non-staining, leaves no white residue and can be used by both men and women. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, or simply want a healthy alternative to mainstream, chemical-laden deodorants . . .  [they are also] cruelty free and safe for the environment”. Good for you and the environment too, what more could one ask for?

Well, teacups nation, I gave it a try, and let me just tell you, I am a convert for life. I have been using for approximately 2 weeks now, and first off, I think that this stick will last me forever. It appears to be never ending. Second of all, it is completely transparent. It is like rubbing your armpit with a piece of sea glass. You don’t feel or see anything. Third of all, it has no scent. Yes, that is correct, you don’t smell anything which brings me to my final, and most impressive point, it actually works. Yes, with crystal deodorant you begin the day with no smell and that is exactly how you end it.

Here is the one, supermarket brand (approx. $5.00), that I have been using:




Moral of the story: try it, not only will you not regret it, you will be a life convert.

Stay cozy, teacups.


Spring has sprung


It is finally true. Sping has sprung and the sandals wearing has begun. This past weekend was so beautifully gorgeous, like cloudless blue sky, light perfumed breeze, restaurant terraces packed to capacity, warm sand enveloping freshly pedicured toes, floral dresses a plenty,  why can’t it be like this all year round, gorgeous.

I just felt the need to share that. Now, I am going to go back out into the Vitamin D infused outdoors.

Stay cozy, teacups.


Is cozy a verb?


If one was to make statistics of the word usage here at cozy teacups, I think that the word cozy wold make a up rather hefty portion of the pie graph. This fact is what brought me to think: is cozy a verb?

Can one question: “Should we coze this room?”

Can one ponder: “Will you coze me?”

Can one gesticulate: “Did you coze last night?”

Now, my thoughts are my thoughts and even though in my fuzzy cozed world, everything is peaches and cream and pigs can fly and unicorns and fairies sprinkle sparkles and rainbows in the magical mystical forests I was still curious if there was any sense to my nonsense in the real world.  So, I turned to the ever trustworthy which defines to me and the world that the verb coze, with French origins, means to converse in a friendly way; chat. Thus, the use of coze  as a verb was confirmed. Though not exactly in the sense that I mean. So I proclaim here, for all the world to hear see. For the first time ever, the cozy teacups definition (don’t thank me Webster’s, just include it in the next edition):

Coze (v): to make something/someone feel, look or be snuggly, warm and/or comfortable.

Stay cozy, teacups.


Cozy teacups is back.


G’day teacup nation. Have no fear (not that you would over this blog :P) but the cozy teacups is back in action. Last week, I was on vacation and visiting my motherland on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Lots of food, family and fun prevented me from living my life through my computer screen, as per usual, and live and breath real life, like outdoorsy life, like actually talking to people face-to-face life, and what a thrill it was.

The last time that I was able to leap across the pond was around the end of October. As a native of the New York/New Jersey region, around the end of October 2012 was around the time that Sandy decided to unleash her wrath on my home state and surrounding areas. So, needless to say, that visit was not the relaxing cozy fest that it was intended to be. In fact, it was the opposite: dealing with overseas work deadlines and no electricity (meaning no internet connecton) for at least a 50-mile radius, no food to be found as the supermarkets could not guarantee the freshness of their product and thus were unable to sell said products, and it was freezing (no generator means no heat) and we all know very very well how I feel about being cozy.

This time was quite the opposite, (though only having 5.5 days). I managed to see friends, visit family, eat loads, laugh a lot, shop the shops, walk the walks and stay cozy all along the way. Thus, a giant success which requires a giant cozy nap. Nevertheless, the teacups is back to work (both for real and at her little itty blog) and I am sure there will be lots of random thoughts and coze that will spring up here.

But for now,

Stay cozy, teacups.


Cozy teacups on: recent happenings.


Well this week was quite eventful, thusly so, I was not able to share my insights here. To give a brief overview:

Monday: I arrived home from work to have no electricity (and therefore no Internet, no food, no heat, no anything, for what ended up being more than 24 hours.

Tuesday: Perhaps it was the extreme cold that enveloped my house caused by the happenings on Monday, but I ended up getting some sort of stomach flu virus issue that (almost) inhibited me from participating in society as a normal person.

Wednesday: Idem

Thursday: I watched the second half of the second season of HBO’s GIRLS and was a bit unconvinced. I am a new-comer to the show and I am not positive if I understand all of the hype. As a person that may or may not fit into the demographic of people that I am assuming this show is aimed for, I can for one say that I find it extremely difficult to identify with any of the characters. For one, I do not feel that chronic irresponsibility, lack of competence to complete even the most mundane of tasks and an inability to be able to depend on oneself, either financially or emotionally, is representative of any voice of the generation of mid-20-somethings. In fact, I find it kind of offensive. Yes, we may be a coddled generation that “came-of-age” during the modern days’ most dire financial crisis, but if anything, I think that this made most people wake-up and become that much more motivated, driven and focused to not become a statistic of Wall Street’s stupidity, but well, those are just my 2-cents of the day. I know that it is completely my decision to tune-in to anything, and if I didn’t like or agree with the show that I could have just stopped watching it, but as I mentioned, I guess I am a band-wagon jumper and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Will I tune into Season 3? Probably. But, just because unlike the characters on that show, I am not a quitter, and when I start something, you can bet your ass that I Will Finish It.

Friday: My man came back from his week-long business trip (yes, I suffered through Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and their aforementioned (unfortunate) happenings alone) and we went for our Friday Night Pizza (yes, I capitalize because yes, it is a Thing and therefore, yes, it is complete acceptable to treat it as a Proper Noun) where I ordered the same thing I order every single time I go out for pizza. The Pizza Parmesana, which I may add, is pretty much the closest thing to a slice of heaven on earth. Delicious slices of grilled eggplant, fresh mozzarella cheese, oregano, basil and crumbles of freshly crumbled Parmesan cheese. Perfection.


Now, it is fully the weekend, and I am fully in cozy mood after my sub-par week. I hope you will now understand my absence of presence, which I think I have justified to the fullest extent possible.

Next week, I will be in travel. To where? Well, stop back by cozy teacups nation for updates and clues of where these teacups will be cozying up.