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What is #desertglam?


So, in my last post I signed off quite mysteriously with the hash tag #desertglam. I mentioned that this upcoming weekend (in t-4days, in fact) I will be heading off on a camel into the sunset of a place that certainly makes up for the lack of sun that I have been experiencing of late (location to be revealed upon return).

As I was getting mentally prepared for my little get-a-way, I started feeling a bit thematic and, as almost any red-blooded girl I know, I decided that nothing in my wardrobe would suffice as acceptable for my new trip. After all, how am I supposed to channel the glamour of the SATC ladies with my last-season outlet clothes, impossible. So, new things were called for. But not just any new times, #desertglam new things. Just what does #desertglam consist of one my ask, from my own perspective it is a bit of a mix between Indiana Jones and Miss Congeniality (post-makeover).

Over this weekend between BBQs and bedrest (requires its own separate post: forthcoming), I set out to find my own #desertglam style, and below are three of the outfits that I came up with (thank you H&M / ZARA for making even babes-on-a-budget looks stylish).

Now, let me set the mood for each outfit (please ignore all wrinkles, this is what happens when you leave silky-type items in a bag for more than 24 hours).

Look 1:

Imagine: You are sitting on a brightly colored and jeweled cushion in the middle of a high-raised ornately carved ceiling dripping with sparkling chandeliers, surrounded by one thousand more cushions in this dreamy room which is distinguished only by the soft, glistening shimmers of hanging beads  the colors of the rainbow around its perimeter. You hear the faint but distinct jingle of wind chimes in the background while you inhale the sweet mystical aroma of freshly burning incense. All of a sudden, you see a parting of the beads and a young person dressed as a gypsy, glimmering just as brightly as the surrounding beads and pillows enters carrying a silver tray and teapot. This young person greets you gently and begins to pour your afternoon tea.


Well, this was the outfit I would at least imagine in this scenario, so it was obviously a “must-purchase”.

Look 2:

Imagine: You are prancing through a busy market place. Of course, you are also accompanied by a big, floppy hat and large sun glasses that shade you from the over head sun beating down on the white and red earth. From vendor to vendor you go, looking, touching, smelling, hearing, tasting everything. It is an orgy of senses. Everywhere you look you become mesmerized between the colors of the bursting, ripe fruits and the miles and miles of fabrics glistening royally under the sun, the sounds of the vendors bargaining, the people laughing, children innocently playing on the streets, the drim and drom of pots being put to good use for the lunch time feast, the scents of essences of flower oils being ever-so gingerly mixed together in small viles, the garlic and spices being caramelized over open fire stoves,  fresh bread being leavened at its own pace on the counter tops of every home. The sensations are more vibrant and more vivid than the last. But, this doesn’t stop you from continuing to look and explore with growing curiosity as the moments dance by. It is a new world, very different from where you come from and you don’t want to miss even one blink by not participating in the liveliness with every ounce of passion that exudes from your soul.


Well, this is at least the sensations I could imagine feeling, prancing around a busy and exotic marketplace in a light and airy, crazily-patterned summer frock. Again, a “must-purchase”.

Look 3:

Imagine: You are on the terrace of a large house. You are surrounded by hundreds and thousands of white, glowing candles. So many candles that you can not distinguish where the candles end and the night begins. In this case, you again are seated on a cushion but this time near a large table spread with a feast fit for a king. From across the table you are met with a pair of eyes staring intensely into your own. Before you know it, you are whisked off your feet into the perfumed air and begin to dance to the magical sounds of soft Arabian music wafting through the breeze. Back and forth you dance, between the fiery shadows of the candles that seem to be illuminating the white of your dress against the night. You capture this moment by closing your eyes and the next thing you know you are happily in the arms of your lover watching the sun rise from the desert horizon.


This is what I imagine hope will happen to me in this outfit: hint-hint to the boyfriend! So, what can I say, I told you already that I am a big day-dreamer. How could I not also include this on the list of  “must-purchases”.

Have you figured out where I will be heading yet?

Did I more clearly define what I mean when I say #desertglam ?

Stay cozy, #teacups