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Cozy teacups reviews 2 Kiehl’s products


Approximately two weeks ago,  I bought two products from Kiehl’s in my local El Corte Inglés. Well, to be honest, I was at the point of buying approximately ten products from Kiehl’s until I pinched myself and decided to “wait until next time” for the eight remaining products.

The “problem” with Kiehl’s shops is that the skin consultants there are fantastic. They sit down with you and give you a skin analysis, that highlights your strong and weak skin points which they use to develop an entire skin regimen tailored to the exit oil level that your pores require as well as a cup of water, glorious! Well, since my skin is pretty “so-so”, if you know what I mean, the skin consultants suggested me ten different products to lather on my face in the day and in the night.

Well for the past two weeks, I have been using, according to their directions, the two different products that I selected because I thought they would be most critical in solving both my short and long term skin problems. The first being uneven and oily skin tone and the second being big pores and some blackheads that just don’t want to go away.

After all this build-up, what are the two products that I purchased one may wonder.  Well, the two products being Kiehl’s BB Cream in Medium and Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion.

I have just three words that perfectly sum up my short two weeks using these products: I LOVE THEM.

These products in just two weeks have already started to make my skin seem brighter and more even. The epidermal re-texturizing microdermabrasion contain micro-shells within its cream and when you rub it on your skin you can feel the blemishes be scraped away. This product combined with the BB cream afterwards, moisturizes and brightens your face while protecting it with 50 SPF. This combination truly is fanstastic. My skin is truly clearing up and feels fresher and smoother than it has in years and years and years. It is like a spa facial, except better, because you are already at home and cozy cutie in your personal slippers and robe.

What more could a gal want in her facial care regimen, well besides $40.00 soap of course!

Keihl’s gives a 28-day full refund guarantee for their product. If you are not completely happy after 28-days of use, you can bring it back and they will return you what you paid for it. I would like to know how many people actually used that option because their products really are what they advertise which is a welcome surprise from the campaigns of so many skin care companies (I am looking at you Neutrogena).

The only thing that one might complain about with product is the price. Here, in Spain I paid 29 euros for the BB Cream and  49 Euros for the micro-dermabrasion lotion. But, if you put in the context of care for your facial skin and compare it against the prices of a spa facial, it is WELL worth every cent paid. I am a working girl and these prices are luxury purchase prices for me, but it is truly truly worth it. You’re facial skin (and your wallet) will be thanking you for years and years to come.


Stay cozy, teacups.