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Sun, do you exist?


Reasons why I have not been posting lately:



Carry on summer, carry on.
Maybe one day I will see your beautiful light of day.

Stay cozy, teacups


Summer day/night dreaming



Right now in the dead cold and winter of February, laying in bed, I am day (night?) dreaming of summer vacation and leisurely lunches with ice cold chardonnay and breath-taking views. Last summer, I went to the island of Ithaca in Greece. This is a photo that I took from one of those long leisurely lunches with ice cold chardonnay and break-taking views that I was mentioning… ahhh August. It is the month that truly defines the lazy days of summer, when time stands still, heat is the norm, summer dresses and flipflops, iced tea and watermelon. But, here we are in February, the month of steamy soup, toasty blankets and lots and lots of cozy tea cups, just taking things day by day, fueling up with these warm memories of hot summer days and nights past and with the thoughts of those that are just around the corner.